What is Ij Start Canon?

Ij Start Canon is How To Setting Wireless Printer Connection To PC or Laptop without cable connection so you can easily print without having to carry a laptop and can print from anywhere wirelessly.

Sometimes it is confusing to connect a wireless printer to a laptop, because of the technology in the field of printers such as wireless printers or wireless printers, 3D printers are already sophisticated and new in recent years, but because they have rarely and never used them make it difficult to connect wireless printer connections to PC or laptop. Wireless printer devices are very popular nowadays where for a small office room the bus is connected to the wireless printer easily without using the printer cable again so that pamper you in your seat position.

Before setting up a computer or laptop, it must be ensured that both devices, both printers and computers must both have wifi connections. If on a desktop computer for now has not been included with the wireless LAN so that an additional device required USB wireless.

After ensuring both devices have wifi installed, the next step is to install the driver (use the default Canon driver CD when purchasing the printer). Insert the CD into the CD drive and wait until the setup window. Click Setup and click Next. Then when the wireless setup options or setup to use the cable, please select the wireless setup.

When about to make a wifi connection to the printer, do the following. Turn on the printer and watch for the live power light and the wifi (blue) light is alive and not blinking. Please press the wifi button and hold while watching orange lights, when orange light blinks once, immediately release the wifi button so that the wifi light that was not blinking turned to blink. After that connect with the click Connect and the computer will detect the printer.

If this way the computer does not find the wifi network on the printer then the next is please connect the USB data cable printer between the printer with the computer, then do the settings via USB cable by giving a check mark on setting options using USB cable. In this way, the connection between the printer and the computer is finished, then to print to the printer via wireless wifi network, ignore the printer and turn it back on. The printer is ready to print from both the cable and the wireless network.

Maybe you have a small office at home or do have a spacious office space and have a wireless printer that is out of your reach, you can connect it to make it easier for you to print documents quickly, easily and without complicated. For that InfoTech Review will provide information How To Setting Wireless Printer Connection To PC or Laptop Easily. By following these steps you can connect the wireless printer to your PC or laptop quickly and easily so you can easily print without having to carry a laptop and can print from anywhere wirelessly.

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